Time to get to work! – 1st working session

After the round of city presentations by each Young Ambassadors it was time to get to work and put their acquired knowledge to work. In order to do that, ambassadors were organised in small groups.

Their first exercise was a brainstorming session to put their top-of-mind ideas and concepts when thinking about tourism, local communities and heritage, which are the main themes that revolve around the topic of our next World Congress to be celebrated in Krakow, next June: Heritage and tourism: local communities and visitors – a shared responsibility.

Each group wrote their ideas down and these are the first concepts that came out of this brainstorming session as to why is this an issue and the best way to address this shared responsibility.

Group formed by Alexandra (Vienna) and Ana (Segovia):

– Respect to heritage
– Pride of belonging
– Awareness buildings
– Suggestions from local communities
– Competition
– Surveys
– Activities
– Ignorance and vandalism

Group formed by Minerva (Córdoba), Enrique (Aranjuez) and Esperanza (Granada):
– Initiatives
– New proposals
– Awareness
– Opportunities
– Diversification
– Controversy

Group formed by Rita (Guimarães), David (Évora) and Edna (Cape Verde)
– Passion
– Preservation
– Involvement
– Culture
– Intangible heritage
– Social media
– Identity/Authenticity
– Youth
– Sustainability

After the first half of this session, the group of Young Ambassadors started a thorough Internet research. They all focused on different websites, but mainly their main source of worthy information was on UNESCO’s website.

This has only started, Young Ambassadors!