Official Opening

The group had their first contact with one of Ibiza’s main World Heritage Sites: Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s Old Town. After a short walk through the cobbled streets inside Ibiza’s walled city, they entered the chapterhouse located within the premises of Ibiza’s old city hall.

The old chamber hosted the official opening of the Second Meeting of Young World Heritage Ambassadors. This time, the meeting started with an opening round of speeches by local authorities, on the one hand and representatives from the organisation and the regional secretariat of Regional Coordinator of SRESM WHCO.

Ibiza’s city councillor for Culture and Heritage, Mr. Pep Tur, delivered the opening words. After him it was Ms. Gloria Corral’s turn, Ibiza’s city councillor for Tourism. María del Pozo, organiser of the Second Meeting of Young Ambassadors of World Heritage Cities explained the schedule and purpose of the upcoming days and, finally, it was time to hear Mr. Rafael Pérez de la Concha, Regional Coordinator of SRESM WHCO.

This official opening served as the perfect introductory part to the first session of City presentations given by young amassadors.